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7 Types of Plants That Can Survive Winter & Why We Love Them

Nature discovers a way to bring diversity and appeal to the yard regardless of the weather, and winter is no different. Whether flourishing through a layer of snow or displaying vibrant colors while falling temperatures drive us inside, resistant winter plants thrive as winter sets. So, this means the approach of winter does ... More

6 Fall Landscaping Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Fall is often a busy season for everyone. Unfortunately, this leaves little time for autumn landscaping work, especially as the days go shorter. Usually, it might get chilly and snow within a short time. You know there are essential landscaping jobs you must do in the autumn, but it isn't easy to find the time. Further, this ... More

Why Aerating & Overseeding Is So Important (Especially After a Heatwave)

The soil in our lawns and backyards is susceptible to various elements of nature. These could be either extreme heat or cold temperatures and dryness of the air, among other things. Adequate moisture levels in the environment help increase the fertility and quality of the soil. Conversely, hot and dry air does the opposite. ... More

3 Steps to Reviving Your Lawn After a Heat Wave

After a prolonged summer heat, the appearance of your lawn may be drab. Thus, you feel like reviving your lawn after a heat wave. Since most of the turf grasses are acclimated to cool temperatures, the heat and dryness have a negative impact. During the summertime, they cease to grow and frequently become dormant.  The ... More

Lawn Care Maintenance Tips for the Best Summer Lawn

The summer sun can be harsh on your lawn, but with a little TLC, you can keep your grass looking green and healthy all season long. Here are our top tips for summer lawn care: Mow regularly. Grass grows quickly in the summer, so be sure to mow at least once a week. Keep your lawn mower blades sharp for a clean cut and ... More

What is the Proper Approach to Lawn Care and Maintenance?

Lawn care and maintenance are important for keeping your lawn looking its best. There are a few things you need to do regularly to ensure a healthy lawn, including mowing, watering, fertilizing, and aerating. Let's take a closer look at each of these important lawn care tasks. Mowing - Mowing your lawn regularly is one of ... More

4 Tips For Fertilizing Your Lawn In Andover

The truth is that your lawn does not naturally grow lush and stunning. Don't get us wrong: it will grow naturally. If left to its own resources and way of growth, it will become patchy and weedy! If you want rich, healthy turf with a deep green color, you'll have to put in some effort. And fertilizing your lawn properly is one ... More

5 Best Options For Spring Lawn Renovation

It might be difficult to bring your lawn back to life after a long, cold winter. From sowing to aerating, appropriate spring lawn care entails a wide range of tasks. You'll need to get started early if you want to have a healthy, beautiful lawn.  Let us look at 5 best options for Spring Lawn Renovation. Dethatching Thatch ... More

Massachusetts Sod Installation & Sales

Fresh green grass is crucial to a beautiful landscape, and T&B Landscaping can help your lawn flourish. As spring approaches, lawns everywhere are ready to be brought back to life. Whether you want an easy way to have a brand new lawn or your lawn is in need of some care, T&B Landscaping is there to help you with sod ... More

Preparing for the Snowy Season!

Winter has begun. So, snowfall is inevitable in various parts of the USA. Thus, preparing for the snowy season is a must. Andover MA is no exception. Witnessing heavy snowfall close to52 inches on average per year, it becomes difficult for the residents to continue with their daily chores. It is a task to move the vehicle ... More